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Gold plating is a challenging and complex process, so it’s important for suppliers to be aware of the process used to create their jewelry and how to check its quality so you’re not leaving it up to suppliers to make all decisions.

Many of the relatively inexpensive items of jewellery are made of brass and plated with yellow or white gold. Let’s explore the processes used in gold plating, the causes of problems, and look at some examples that lead to poor quality jewelry.

1. The 2 gold plating processes: Electroplating & PVD coating
There are 2 main processes used for jewelry gold plating, electroplating and vacuum plating (PVD or Physical Vapor Deposition).

Gold electroplating
Electroplating with gold electroplating machine, in simple terms, is like adding a layer of gold paint to an item of jewelry. The process works by depositing a thin layer of gold onto the base metal of the piece of jewelry ‘electrolytically.’

Gold PVD coating
First developed by NASA to produce parts used in spacecraft, it is now popular with mass jewelry manufacturers as it provides a more durable finish and more color options than traditional electroplating. Unlike electroplating, this method molecularly bonds the gold to the base metal so it’s a stronger bond.

Features of gold plated jewelry
Let’s explore some of the key points that importers of gold plated jewelry need to understand:

The Underlayer
The purpose of this layer is to provide a better base for the gold layer, avoid gold migration to the substrate (jewelry base material for automatic jewelry spot welder) and generally has a similar color as the gold layer so a scratched or worn out gold layer is not too obvious.

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